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Floor Plan and Legend

Exhibitors and Attractions

G1. Michele Knotz
G2. Lisa Ortiz
G3. Michael Haigney
G4. Tara Sands
G5. Tom & Dorothy Elias-Fahn
G6. Joshua Seth
G7. Ronnie Schell
G8. Katsuji Mori
G9. Mari Shimizu
G10. Bin Furuya
G11. Casper Van Dien
G12. Amber Balcaen
G13. Megan Follows
G14. Kaylee Hottle
G15. Allan Henry
G16. Christian Convery
G17. Kurt Carley
G18. Arvell Jones
G19. Roy & Dann Thomas
G20. Jerry Bingham
G21. Dan Pietens
G22. Bret Iwan
G23. Vanessa Marshall
G24. Sonoe Nakajima
G25. Yuji Kaida
G26. Jeffrey Angles
G27. Boston Bruins (Fri), Landau Light (Sat) & Detroit Red Wings Alumni (Sun) G28.Boston Bruins (Fri), Miss International Canada (Sat) & Detroit Red Wings Alumni (Sun)
G29. Brian Prince

Nomad Posters

1. The CG Realm
2. MNT Grading
3. The Godzilla Store Northern National Collectors’ Pop-Up
4. KD Collectibles (PSA)
5. Game On Entertainment Services
6. PSA Pokémon
7. MC Toys
8. F&C House of Cards
9. Japan’s Legends
10. Mr. Rose’s Art Room
11. One Card Short
12. Pops & Collectibles
13. Brimstone Games
14. London Rock Inc.
15. PopzStation
16. BMW Sports cards & KSA Certification
17. The 501st Legion
18. Cartoon Kingdom & Cedar Creek Hobbies
19. Scarehouse Windsor
20. Paper Heroes // Candy Heroes
21. Rocky’s Sports Cards
22. Canadian Card Group
23. KTS Sports Cards and More
24. Bladez Valley
25. M&L Sports Cards
26. Marcel Dionne Inc.
27. The Detroit Red Wings Alumni Association
28. Tyderium Toys
29. L.A. Mood Comics & Games
30. Fan of the Sport
31. Rogues Gallery Comics
32. Beyond The Pond
33. The Hobby Exclusive
34. FigurineOut
35. Top Loaded Breakers
36. Love Crimes & Collectibles
37. Elite Cards Toronto
38. Capt. Can Comics & CGC
39. Guardian Comics
40. Windsor & Essex County Crime Stoppers
41. Hidden Trails Escape Rooms
42. AM800 CKLW // The Information Station
43. Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario
44. Better Deal Club // In Play! Magazine
45. Photo Ops Check-In
46. Fight Like Mason Foundation
47. GoodLife Fitness
48. Forest City Coins
49. CK Expo
50. Tournament Registration
51. Ryan James Smith

X. The CG Realm Charity Auction
Y. MicroSpec / TIX123 Registration
Z. Lindy Cosplay Supplies Prop/Weapons Check
A1. Printtastic 3D
A2. Master Defenders
A3. Davolish
A4. Miss Printed
A5. Mystallic
A6. Jared DiPietro
A7. Duke Art
A8. Mina Peach Art and Framing
A9. CBTM Comics
A10. Andrew Thomas
A11. Spent Pencils
B1. PHOTO OPS (Teresa Oldham Photography)
C1. Lindy Cosplay Supplies
C2. Canadian Comic Cutie
C3. Geeks & Co.
C4. Klingon Assault Group
C5. Windsor Ghostbusters
D1. Enchanted Adventure Parties
D2. Child Minding Area