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The Northern National Presents Fan X

Organizing Committee

The organizing committee for the Northern National Collectors’ Convention includes a variety of men and women who have worked on countless events in Canada and the U.S.

They also work in the public, private, and non-profit sectors while volunteering in their communities on programs, projects, and events.



Jeremy Renaud

Jennifer McAdams
Executive Assistant to the President

Ann-Marie Favot
Chief Financial Officer

Arms Bumanlag
Beneficiary Coordinator


Tim Bean*
Agent, Japan’s Legends

Maki Takarada*
Japanese Liaison

Tetsuya Takarada*
Japanese Liaison

Jessica Etchells*
Assistant, Japan’s Legends

Joshua David*
Assistant, Japan’s Legends

Kazuko Acker
Head Japanese Translator

Amy Vance
Japanese Translator

Kei Miyazaki
Japanese Translator

Mariko Horikawa-Rinehart
Japanese Translator

*Members of Japan’s Legends’ Agency.


John Salalila
Pokémon Tournament Coordinator I Pokémon Professor, F&C House of Cards

Eric Fournier
Disney Lorcana Tournament Coordinator, Guardian Comics

Erin Miklos
Games Coordinator, Game On Entertainment Services


Sandra Poirier
Program & Operations Manager

Robert Bellamy
Program Coordinator I Zone Coordinator, CK Expo

Kitty Dorion
Volunteer Coordinator

Jeremy Renaud
Guest Celebrity Coordinator

Kimberly Rastin
Guest Liaison Coordinator I Head Guest Liaison

Marc Desroches
Showroom Coordinator

Dale Cormier
Front of House Coordinator, Bird Canada

Sylvia Ward
Kids’ Coordinator I Cosplay Coordinator, Enchanted Adventure Parties

Ian Tyson
Head Announcer I Head Panel Coordinator, Just Us League

Jeremy Bushell
Announcer I Panel Coordinator, Just Us League

Brad Bushell
Announcer I Panel Coordinator, Just Us League

Shawn Cyr
Auctioneer, The CG Realm

Jason Tang
VIP Services Coordinator, Caesars Windsor

Sue Heath
Venue Coordinator, Caesars Windsor

Randy Kaufmann
Head Driver, Fleet Coordinator

Mary Kaufmann
Assistant to Fleet Coordinator I Food Services Coordinator

Rick Toulouse


Jeremy Renaud
Corporate Sales Manager

Kari Palmieri
Ticket Manager, Datatext Event Services

Julie Newberry
Assistant Ticket Manager, Datatext Event Services

Steve Brecht
Online Ticket Manager, MicroSpec / TIX 123

David Jacob Duke
Creative Director, Duke Marketing Agency

Jared Di Pietro
Graphic Designer, Duke Marketing Agency

Maciejka Gorzelnik
Production Coordinator

Suzanne Boles
Communications Editor

Alexander Thorburn
Head French Translator

Kaikoura Gutteridge
French Translator

Rebecca Stuckless
Head ASL Interpreter

Anna Millerman
Head Photographer, WindsoriteDOTca

Sergio Mazzotta
Cosplay Photographer

Todd Gelinas
Fan Experience Photographer

Teresa Oldham
Pro Photo Ops Coordinator, Teresa Oldham Photography

Rebecca Sprau
Pro Photo Ops Assistant Coordinator, Teresa Oldham Photography

Jeremy Renaud
Public & Media Relations Coordinator

Maciejka Gorzelnik
Merchandise Coordinator

Jeremy Renaud
Social Media Coordinator

Nathaniel St. Pierre
Videographer I Drone Pilot, Cartoon Kingdom

Mitchell Timothy Bouchard
Videographer I Convention