Bret Iwan, the voice of Mickey Mouse and a Disney Artist, brings fans a magical experience.

Windsor, ON. Brimstone Games presents the Northern National Collectors’ Convention (Northern National) featuring the Cartoon Kingdom Fan Experience (CKFX) is pleased to welcome Bret Iwan, the voice of Mickey Mouse and a leading Disney artist, to Windsor, Ontario this fall at Caesars Windsor (September 29-October 1, 2023).

“I’m truly looking forward to visiting Windsor and sharing in the excitement of all fans!” said Iwan.

Iwan is a storied character in the annals of Disney lore, whose voice drives the iconic character of Mickey Mouse forward across media including but not limited to television, film, and video games.

He first debuted as the voice of Mickey Mouse in 2009 working on projects for Disney Parks and Live Entertainment.

Iwan’s resume expanded to include all Kingdom Hearts franchise beginning with Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Epic Mickey, Disney Illusion: Island, and countless other video game and merchandising projects. After assuming the role of Mickey Mouse in seasons four and five of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” his credits grew quickly to include countless animated series and projects heard on television, in film, and Disney parks around the world.

“Both Cartoon Kingdom co-owner, Arlen Mifflin, and I believe that Bret Iwan is an excellent fit for this show and our 25th-anniversary celebration,” said Cartoon Kingdom co-owner, Nathaniel St. Pierre. “We are sure lifelong fans of Disney and Mickey Mouse will agree and we can’t wait for them to meet him this fall!”

“I am very excited for fans to meet Bret Iwan and am grateful for Cartoon Kingdom’s support enabling this experience for attendees,” said Northern National president, Jeremy Renaud. “Furthermore, with Ravensburger’s launch of its new trading card game, Disney Lorcana, just before the event, fans will have a unique first opportunity to get their cards signed and submitted for grading and authentication!”

Brett Iwan is presented by Cartoon Kingdom. 

About the Northern National: Brimstone Games presents the Northern National Collectors’ Convention (Northern National) will take place inside the Augustus Tower at Caesars Windsor, from September 29 to October 1, 2023. The regional Cartoon Kingdom Fan Experience (CKFX) will be co-launched with the national event.

The Northern National will have all the accents of a traditional card expo but, more importantly, will enable the Trading Card Game (TCG) community (including brands ranging from Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Disney Lorcana, and Dragon Ball Z) to have a national presence in Canada. Along with CKFX, it will be a hybrid convention with all the trimmings of a pop culture event with celebrities, athletes, and much more. For more information, please visit www.thenorthernnational.com. 


Jeremy Renaud
Presedent, Convention, Northern National Collectors

Telephone: 1.519.566.1735
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