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(Cash Only)


  • Regular comics, magazines, trades, hardcovers, books, paperbacks, etc.
    (10 maximum each time you wait in line): Donation to the Hero Initiative Charity (please donate each time).
  • If you want a quote, message, or personalization on comics, trades, etc. with signature, prices range from $10 US ($15 CDN) and up for each item depending on how many words are used.
  • Witness Graded Comics: $50 US ($70 CDN) each.
  • Original Art: $50 US ($70 CDN) each.
  • Specialty items: toys, figures, pops, posters, prints, statues, frames, plaques, cards, clothing, etc.: $10 ($15 CDN) and up per item (price depends on item size).
  • Exclusive Roy Thomas Appreciation Prints: $25 US ($35 CDN) each (with personalized signature).
  • Exclusive Roy Thomas Adamantium Edition Prints: $50 US ($70 CDN) each (with personalized signature).
  • Character head sketch with signature: $100 US ($140 CDN) each.